About - Precious Little Feet
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U N I Q U E    S H O E S

We create unique design ideas and paint shoes for special gifts to your friends and family with affordable price tag.

You will find super cute baby shoes in our shop to purchase, or you can contact us for your custom baby, toddler, or adult shoe design.

P H I L O S O P H Y 

I am a designer, finding inspiration in my own family. Whole idea started with simple gift to my children. How to give them something special, something only they can have?

Every step of the process they are my strength to go further and to share our little story with the world.

B E L L Y   T A T T O O S

There is nothing more important than our children and most of us only have one, two, maybe three. This means that pregnancy memories are so special and important.
To remember those moments we created a simple, yet cute and elegant solution.
Our new belly tattoos are designed for you to take photos every week, so you can keep track of your growing belly. Every tattoo is individually designed, easy and safe to use.